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ConductorOne helps organizations secure their workforce through modern access controls and identity governance.

Security and IT teams use ConductorOne to implement just-in-time access, automate user access reviews, identify and remove inappropriate access across their SaaS, cloud and hybrid infrastructure, directories, and HR systems. Forward-thinking companies like DigitalOcean, Ramp Financial, Coinbase, and Panther trust ConductorOne to achieve least privilege and ensure compliance.

  • Move to just-in-time access: Reduce standing privileges with just in time access to any infrastructure or business app.

  • Enable self-service access: Request access to any app, group, role, or permission with a self-service experience in Slack, CLI, or web app that provisions access automatically on approval.

  • Enforce zero standing privilege: Identify and remediate unused, orphaned, and over privileged access. Enforce access controls with automated policy guardrails and automated deprovisioning.

  • Automate compliance: Review all access–including local, service, and non-human accounts–with one-click reporting for continuous compliance.

  • Make risk-based access decisions: Provide AI recommendations to human-in-the-loop approvers for better access decisions and automate access requests through your helpdesk.

The founders are proven technology entrepreneurs from Okta, Lookout, and Rackspace. Founded in 2020, the company is backed by leading investors including Felicis, Accel, Fuel Capital, Fathom Capital, and Active Capital, as well as several renowned security leaders, including Peter McKay & Guy Podjarny of Snyk; Cristina Cacioppo, CEO of Vanta; and Jack Naglieri, CEO of Panther Labs.

Visit to learn more or follow them on LinkedIn.

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