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Pioneering Secure Logical Access Solutions

rf IDEAS stands as a vanguard in the arena of logical access solutions, serving diverse sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, finance, government, education, and enterprise. The company's globally trusted WAVE ID readers come from robust alliances with leading identity and access management providers. These readers facilitate innovative solutions for single sign-on, secure printing, time and attendance, visitor management, and mobile authentication, and are compatible with nearly all physical and mobile credentials worldwide.

Core Offerings: rf IDEAS’ core solutions address critical logical access control challenges:

  • Improves Workforce: Eliminate the time your staff spends entering hackable passwords into their networks and endpoints. Our passwordless solutions improve workflow efficiency and workforce productivity by eliminating password resets all while providing a secure form of authentication.

  • Streamlines Authentication Processes: Simplify and secure your authentication procedures. Our solutions ensure that only authorized personnel can access sensitive systems and information, eliminating the risk of unauthorized access.

  • Integrates into Existing Systems: Our flexible solutions seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and credentials, enhancing your existing investments without the need for extensive modifications.

  • Customizes Solutions for Every Industry: Whether healthcare, government, or manufacturing, rf IDEAS provides tailored solutions that meet the unique security needs and regulatory demands of each sector.

The rf IDEAS Advantage

rf IDEAS has been a trusted name in cybersecurity for nearly 30 years. A pioneer of proximity-based card readers, rf IDEAS’ WAVE ID credential reader portfolio has evolved to support smart card, biometric, and mobile credentials, including BLE and NFC technology. Our cutting-edge technology and deep industry expertise serve 90% of the Fortune 100 companies.

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