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DevOps platform for secure Okta configuration management

Protect your Okta configuration, enable automated change documentation and rollbacks, test new apps, policies, and groups without impacting user access, and move them from preview to production in a few clicks.

What is Salto?

Salto is the first DevOps platform for Okta configuration management. Salto offers everything IAM teams need to introduce changes quickly and prevent human errors, authentication holes, and technical debt in Okta.

Salto enables organizations to automate Okta’s change management process while cutting out hours of manual work and significantly reducing downtime and compliance risks. 

Protect Okta with an extra layer of security and auditability 

• Don’t break anything when testing new configuration

Push Okta policies, groups, and apps from your preview to production and back—so you can test them safely and never have to rebuild configuration from scratch again.

• Don’t accidentally lose your Okta setup

Back up your Okta configuration in case you need to roll back to previous versions or recover your tenant quickly in case of an emergency.

• No more changes that slip under the radar

Enhance Okta auditability by staying on top of what other employees and contractors change in Okta, with email and Slack alerts.

Save time and boost your IAM team’s efficiency

• Get full visibility into Okta

Search and analyze your entire Okta configuration, see all hidden dependencies in one place, and understand the implications of every change.

• Compare and sync Okta tenants in a few clicks

No more “stare & compare”. Save yourself hours of manually copying configuration: compare two Okta tenants side by side and quickly sync them.

• Automate change documentation

Streamline the process of documenting administrative changes in Okta, so you’re always audit-ready. Keep track of every change with its full context.

How to contact Salto

To get in touch with Salto, leave your details here—someone from Salto’s team will contact you shortly. For additional information, visit Salto's website: You can also try the Salto platform by signing up for a 1-month free trial

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