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Sonrai Security

Sonrai Security

Revolutionizing Cloud Access

At Sonrai Security, we provide a leading solution for public cloud identity and access management, featuring actionable controls that secure cloud permissions and privileges. Our mission is to empower organizations of all sizes with the precise access control needed to drive secure and confident innovation.

Solution Overview

Get control of your cloud access by removing excessive permissions and unused services. The Cloud Permissions Firewall transforms your cloud into a platform-wide state of least privilege and maintains that state as cloud usage expands across teams and cloud providers. The solution drives DevOps velocity with easy access to required permissions and sensitive services without introducing unnecessary risk. 

How does it work?

The Cloud Permissions Firewall is built on detailed permission usage intelligence that understands how your users and machines work and what they need access to.

Everything unused is removed with a sweeping global default deny policy. Excessive permissions are restricted, unused services are locked down, and dormant zombie identities are quarantined.

When new access needs arise, a frictionless permissions on-demand workflow sends a request directly to a relevant approver, so any role or employee gets what they need, quickly. Your global deny policy is automatically updated allowing this new exemption.

After achieving multi-cloud least privilege, it’s time to shut down the remaining attack paths. Sonrai’s Cloud Infrastructure and Entitlements Management (CIEM+) solution reveals how permissions and policies combine to create unintended access. Use manual or automated remediation options to eliminate risk and disrupt attack paths.

Core Offerings:

  • Secure Sensitive Permissions: Restrict the most critical permissions from machines and humans who do not need them – those who do, have seamless access.

  • Quarantine Dormant Identities: Strip permissions from unused identities so they become useless to an attacker without having to remove them.

  • Disable Unused Services and Regions: Lockdown regions or services your teams aren’t using to reduce your unnecessary attack surface.

  • Disrupt Attack Paths: Discover how permissions toxically combine to create unintended access – and shut these pathways down before any attacker comes across them.

For more information about Sonrai Security and the Cloud Permissions Firewall or CIEM+ Solution, visit

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