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Stack Identity

Stack Identity

The Identity Access Risk Management Platform

What is Stack Identity?

A unified, next-gen CIEM, ITDR and cloud IGA solution eliminating the need for multiple tools and silos of policies.

Powered by the industry’s first Identity Security Data Lake which consolidates, correlates, and contextualizes identity, access risks, and vulnerabilities across cloud and data estates.

Detection Automation – Identifies toxic combinations, chained access, lateral movement, drift detection, overprivileged, unauthorized shadow access, shadow identities, and policy violations.

An Open API platform – Data enrichment and analytics that enable you to detect, remediate, and govern what matters most to your business.

An Extensible platform – Integrates into your multi-cloud environment, IDP systems, ticketing systems, SecOps, IAM, and GRC processes.

What Does Stack Identity Do?

  • Automate 90% of Access Reviews and Identity Posture Risk

  • Automate 100% of Admin / Policy Violations

  • Rightsize 100% of Overpermissioned Exposures

  • Auto-detect Human and Non-Human Identity Risks

Why Choose Stack Identity?

Identity is the biggest attack vector. The rise of digital identities is driven by a new era of applications powered by Data, AI, and Automation. Gartner states that all cloud infrastructure and resources are “Super Identities.” In 2023, 75% of failures resulted from inadequate management of identities, access, and privileges, up from 50% in 2020. Gartner refers to this mega-trend as identity-first” security, transforming IAM from inflexible and static workflows to continuous event-based and risk-based approaches to managing access risk in real time.

How to Contact Stack Identity

Website: The best way to start is by visiting Stack Identity’s official website: 

LinkedIn - 

AWS Marketplace -

RSA Conference Booth - N-6564 (in the North Expo Hall)

Shadow Access Risk Assessment - 

Identity at the Center episodes:

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