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The identity security company.

Veza is the Access Control Platform that powers Intelligent Access, so organizations can finally visualize, manage, and control access across the enterprise.

By going beyond users and groups to understand effective permissions, Veza helps companies find and fix risky permissions and policy violations. It secures access to data in virtually any system in the modern enterprise stack, whether on-premise or cloud. And it does so for all identities, whether human or machine. With Veza, you can:

  • Remediate excess and unused permissions to drive towards Least Privilege. 

  • Manage provisioning and deprovisioning throughout the identity lifecycle for all your enterprise systems.

The Access Control Platform works by ingesting and analyzing identity and permissions metadata from apps, cloud services, and data systems. It organizes this information in the Veza Authorization Graph to reveal the effective permissions across your enterprise. Veza’s platform delivers an intuitive picture of all the unique access mechanisms (RBAC, ABAC, ACLs) in over 200 enterprise systems. It even connects quickly to your custom apps. Veza can monitor and alert for new privileges in near real-time, creating triggering workflows in your enterprise systems to coordinate a response. 

Learn how Veza can implement with all your identities across all of your systems, to help you definitively answer the question of “who can and should have what access to what data.” See Veza in action today.

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