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Zilla Security

Zilla Security

Identity security and governance that stops breaches.

Digital transformation and the need for business agility are driving rapid cloud growth. Businesses are expanding the use of off-the-shelf SaaS and cloud infrastructure and building their own cloud- native applications while legacy on-premises infrastructure and applications persist. As a result, identity has become the new security perimeter and Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) must evolve quickly to enable organizations to adapt to this shift.

With a security-first and automation-centric approach, the Zilla Identity Security Platform enables you to:

Unify your applications across the entire digital estate for continuous permissions management. Whether it’s SaaS, on-prem, or legacy and homegrown, we haven’t met an application we can’t support. With over 500 ready-to-use integrations, Zilla is the only platform that lets you integrate any application with the click of a mouse and without writing a line of code.

Reduce the level of manual work involved in managing and tracking permissions. The sheer scale of users, applications and infrastructure resources makes the “access” problem daunting.  Manual approaches are unmanageable and just don’t work at cloud scale.  We’ve designed the Zilla Identity Platform to eliminate up to 75% of the manual work involved in managing and tracking permissions through automation and simplification from integration through remediation.

Get fastest time to value with rapid deployment and outcome driven metrics. We believe organizations should begin to see the value of any solution in the shortest time possible.  Most Zilla customers experience value in a matter of weeks and have a set of defined metrics to help track progress, ensure they see verifiable business outcomes, and have the ability to run comparison analyses with cohorts.

Provide a simple and intuitive user experience for all stakeholders across the organization. From security staff, application owners or business managers, Zila enables the right stakeholder to make the right access or configuration decision for which they are uniquely qualified to make with additional insights or context required available at the click of a mouse.

With our security-first and automation-centric approach, the Zilla Identity Security Platform delivers on 3 key practice areas:

  • Security: Proactive identity posture management and threat detection

  • Compliance: Automated and audit-ready access reviews and SoD controls

  • Provisioning: Automated and job appropriate identity life cycle management

To learn more about Zilla Security, see the product firsthand or follow them on LinkedIn.

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