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Identity at the Center® is a weekly vendor-neutral podcast all about digital identity in the context of identity and access management (IAM). With decades of real-world IAM experience, hosts Jim McDonald and Jeff Steadman bring you conversations with news, topics, and guests from the digital identity industry.

Do you know who has access to what?


Jim McDonald


Jim leads the RSM IAM Advisory Services team and has 25 years of IT industry experience that includes 20 years delivering complex global Identity and Access projects for large enterprises. Jim has developed the workforce and customer IAM strategies for over 100 organizations and has led IAM programs for large multinational companies in the manufacturing and financial services industries.

Jeff Steadman


Jeff has over 20 years of IT and IAM industry experience that includes delivering complex global identity projects for organizations of all sizes and industries. He is the face of RSM’s Identity & Access Management Consulting Practice and has developed the IAM strategies and managed the global IAM security operations teams for multiple Fortune 100 companies.

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