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IDAC Corp. is a non-profit organization founded by Jeff Steadman and Jim McDonald with the purpose of supporting the "Identity at the Center" podcast.

The shared mission of the podcast and this supporting non-profit corporation is to generate a robust culture of digital trust, ensuring that the nuanced aspects of digital identity and IAM are accessible and comprehensible to all.
IDAC Corp. is organized as a non-profit corporation in North Carolina, USA with a pending 501(c)(3) designation by the United States government that is expected before the end of 2024.


Q. How does IDAC Corp. make money?

A. The primary method is through sponsored episodes that are released as additional content and separate from our normal non-sponsored weekly shows. These episodes are clearly marked and marketed as sponsored content. If you see an episode with the "Sponsor Spotlight" branding, they are supporting the podcast! A secondary method is through donations from our listeners. These donations are 100% optional and not required to consume any podcast content.

Q. What does IDAC Corp. do with the money it makes?

A. All donations are used to pay for podcast expenses. This includes, software, services, equipment, travel, and other expenses that are generated by running our podcast.

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